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intelligent knowledge management
full-text search and discovery
topic-centric text summarization
control access, collaborate, and share
a cloud-native knowledge management solution built for businesses, research labs, and individuals

Always find what you are looking for

  • pinpoint exact location of a search result within documents
  • know how your search terms are distributed across a document
  • browse full-text search results + associated context in a list

Research and annotate collaboratively

  • read and comment on the same document simultaneously with your teammates
  • create and customize shared annotations
  • @ collaborators to get their attention
  • tightly controlled access permissions so share only with those you trust

Machine generate topic-centric document summaries

  • create summaries of any article centered around any topic
  • choose where to begin, where to end, and how long the summary should be

Visualize how entities are related

coming 2021
  • automatically extract key people, organizations, locations, and other entities across multiple documents
  • trace back to the exact locations in documents where relationships are defined
  • uncover hidden links among entities

Capture web content with browser extension

coming 2021
  • save snapshots of web resources + capture metadata automatically
  • manage metadata using dedicated interface
coming 2021

Receive content recommendations based on latest activity

  • passively discover related content shared by others within your organization
  • stay informed about your topics of interest without doing intentional research

Custom integrations and data migration support

  • custom migration support possible with on-site engineering team

Use cases

closed beta


  • a researcher collects and annotates reference materials to gain knowledge on highly technical concepts

  • a research lab collects and shares reference materials on a common topic

closed beta

Legal services

  • lawyers jointly collect, annotate, build metadata, and search across thousands of exhibit entries used in a class-action lawsuit

  • lawyers capture/upload a series of historical case records from external sources and studies them to devise a strategy for a client

coming soon

coming soon

Business consulting

  • an engagement manager finds a multitude of useful reference materials from past engagements in order to prepare for an upcoming project

coming soon

coming soon

News & media

  • a journalist collects, manages, and shares research findings on a topic of interest before publishing an op-ed article

  • a media team quickly and efficiently identifies important links to a person of interest during an investigation

coming soon

coming soon


  • a doctor searches across patient records and maps symptoms in relation to known diseases across medical literature to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

coming soon