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Top three reasons to work with us

  1. unique startup at the intersection of applied research and business intelligence
  2. smart, engaged co-workers who are at the top of their game
  3. a team that looks out for one another, always

Marketing manager

  • develop and execute marketing strategy
  • drive marketing content creation
  • build brand awareness across various channels including email, social media, and print media advertising

Front-end engineer

  • build high quality web applications ensuring that the code base in scalable and testable
  • optimize web application performance and user experience
  • collaborate with cross-functional teams to determine requirements and manage priorities

Backend / infrastructure engineer

  • develop and maintain APIs that communicate with distributed workers and microservices
  • container orchestration, zero-downtime deployments and migrations using Kubernetes on AWS
  • maintaining and optimizing distributed full-text search services

DevOps engineer

  • migrate existing docker-compose stack to Kubernetes (AWS EKS) and serverless (AWS Lambda)
  • build, operate, and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • work closely with Dev and Product Management on defining and developing SaaS offerings

Business research analyst

  • analyze quantitative data to identify and interpret trends; build predictive models
  • create business strategy reports using information collected during research
  • assist with business development and client acquisition opportunities