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About us

Our vision is to drive engagement, collaboration, and visibility of academic research with the general public


I'm Hunter, founder of KaleidoGlobe. Funding issues caused by the 2013 government shutdown almost ended my graduate career. Without a new research assistantship, I would be forced to withdraw from the program due to financial duress. Nevertheless, I was not resigned to dropping out. Fortunately, a professor from an adjacent field believed in my potential and took me under her wing.

To make myself useful, I had to quickly become familiar withstate-of-the-art research within my new field. I received recommended readings from my advisor, but there were still many gaps I needed to fill through relevant coursework and literature. I felt overwhelmed. Which papers contain what I need to know for my next advisor meeting? How is my predecessors' work viewed and referenced by his peers? Why can I not find supplemental materials for our publication in this shared lab folder? How do I get access to the computer cluster? What time does the food court close?

Traversing along my graduate journey I saw many opportunities. Talking with an old friend about our respective lab work we realized that we had many of the same pain points when it came to collaborative knowledge management. Upon further research, we realized that reference managers on the market today did not sufficiently address our needs.

This experience inspired the founding of the company. The two of us set out to build a feature-rich, cloud native, and free solution to better serve academia.

Meet KaleidoGlobe!

Business Team

B.S., Caltech; M.S., MIT
Hunter sets the business strategy and makes product design decisions for our team. He has professional experience in management consulting, engineering, and education. He is passionate about technology and wants to bring applicable state-of-the-art academic research into the business world.

Engineering Team

B.S., Caltech; Ph.D., MIT
Chi designs the technology strategy and facilitates their successful implementation at KaleidoGlobe. His Ph.D. in computational science and engineering is centered on efficient algorithms for Bayesian inference. Outside of academics, Chi has worked as a full-stack developer and event photographer. He is also an avid classical pianist and also enjoys cooking.