Designed by researchers, built for teamwork

Your research. Accelerated.

Collaborative reference library personalized for your lab

Reference management

Designed for collaboration

KaleidoGlobe is designed from the ground up with collaboration in mind. Our solution provides your entire lab with secure, syncronized, and easy-to-learn reference management so you can focus more on generating ideas and less on housekeeping and administration.

Library for your lab

a library with a built-in AI assistant who manages all your digital resources

Journal clubs

contribute, review, annotate, discuss, brainstorm, collaborate

One source of truth

stay in sync.

any device. anywhere. anytime.

Work together remotely

Stay synchronized.

Seamless version control.

Upload, annotate, share, and discuss – in real-time

Reliable and secure

Invite others. Manage permissions.

@mention specific collaborators.

Data automatically backed up on the cloud.

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